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D.E.A.R Time

Posted by Suresh Limbachiya on 22/01/2010

Drop Everything and Read(D.E.A.R) is a not-so-new movement. Yet an explanation as how it works will do no harm. At any given time during the day, the teacher will say “Drop Everything and Read” and the students do just that. They drop whatever they are working on, pick up their favorite book, curl up in the book corner and just read for a given amount of time. This can be easily replicated at home. The parents or the guardians can take the place of a teacher.

The objective of this activity is to cultivate and encourage the children to love and read books. It also aims at reviving the great Indian tradition of story telling and the consequent discussion on it. The habit of reading together in the family helps children gather knowledge and improve their language. It also develops the habit of reading among them. Reading good books moulds the character of the readers and makes them better human beings. Most importantly, it also amounts to quality family time.

DEAR gives children the opportunity to read books of their own choice. So much of what we do in school involved books and reading material selected by the librarian. DEAR time lets children pick whatever reading material they want to just enjoy. DEAR allows children to see that reading for fun and pleasure is a valuable experience. If the parents or guardians set aside time for it, it must be a valuable way to spend some time. DEAR can help develop better writing skills. The more children read, the more they are exposed to the written word and that will lead to better reading and writing skills

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