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Book Club

Posted by Suresh Limbachiya on 22/01/2010

                       To develop the Reading habit among students; every year we conduct various activities like “reading to your pet”, “pyjama story time”, “book exhibitions” etc. We have established a “Book Club” to encourage children to read. Children get a list of books published by Scholastic publishers. Children and parents will mark the book(s) of their choice and place their orders for the same. Since it is their own choice, children love to read them and learn to value these books. You can help in their selection by discussing and explaining them what those books contain. Scholastic Publishers specialize in children’s literature. Books published by them are well-designed in terms of content and age specific material; the print quality also is acclaimed world wide, and they do not sell through regular channels. In big cities they put up their own stalls in schools. As Mundra happens to be slightly off way, they will not be able to put their stall here. However, looking at our orders we may be able to convince them to do the same later. They will send the books in individual packets to children.

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