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Pyjama Story Time

Posted by Suresh Limbachiya on 22/01/2010

One of the most amazing ways to communicate ideas is through a story. Stories those were told from the resourceful lips of grandmothers enriched their children to be useful contributors to history and the society in which they lived. Books also had their roles in refining character and remolding goal of ever progressive human being in their unending journey as they traversed through the sands of time.

The school is proud of its rich and varied reading habit. The tradition which is rich needs to be enriched further. To promote reading habit that will enliven and enlighten every one the school organizes Pyjama Story Time. The parents along with their children come to the school in the evening wearing pyjamas. Stories are either told or read out to students which they relish with popcorn, chocolates or drinks. Parents are encouraged to continue this wonderful transmission of knowledge at their home. The school follows it up by issuing quality books and discussing about them with children.


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