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Team Work by Library Committee 

Posted by Suresh Limbachiya on 30/04/2010

You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of achievement, Never consider yourself the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty.

                        All should have a goal. But pursuing the goal doggedly and achieving it is more important than mere setting of a goal. The library committee works to achieve the end with the spirit of ‘nishkama karma yoga.’ The committee does not wish to corner glory out the various activities it organizes. The events are held just because they can be held and it is our duty to hold them. Therefore various activities are organized in school by the committee

 In academic session 2009-2010 we were organized following:- 

(1)          Pyjama Story Time:  Pyjama Story Time was held in the school on 1-10-2009. The aim of the event was to encourage reading an develop love for books. The parents along with their children came to school in the evening wearing pyjama. The stories were read out to students by some enthusiastic teachers. The children relished this food to the ears with popcorn and hot chocolate.

(2)          Book Club: Scholastic Publishers specialize in children’s literature. Books published by them are well-designed in terms of content and age specific material. The print quality also is acclaimed world wide, and they do not sell through regular channels. In big cities they put up their own stalls in schools 


(3)          Book fair: The Scholastic Book Fair was organized on 11-11-2009 to 13-11-2009 by Library Committee in the multi-purpose hall. The aim was to provide exciting opportunities for students, teachers and parents to acquaint themselves with some of the latest books. In book fair, books were displayed according to age group and genre

 (4)          DEAR Time: Dear Time (Drop Everything and Read) was also organized by the library committee. It was not so-new movement. Yet an explanation as how it worked would do no harm. At any given time d the teacher said “Drop Everything and Read” and the students did just that.

Pre Plan for academic session 2010-2011

 (1)         New Reference Section    A new reference section in library for class 11th  and 12th was created this year. Students of the classes could spend their free time in browsing through the pages of various reference books of their interest without taking away the books from the library. A feasible study environment was provided for this purpose with suitable furniture and creation of a special section for books.

 (2)         Cartography Quiz  We plan to conduct Cartography Quiz for class VIII to X in the coming year too with the help of Indian National Cartography Association and Indian Space Research Organization. We are also looking forward to conduct various other activities in the coming months after the summer vacation.

 All the activities taking place in the school become great successes due to the active and diligent participation of the Library Committee. Our committee members Mr. Sebastian T.V. and   Mr. Parimal Parmar are very helpful and enthusiastic for conducting various activities in school library. Their keen interest and timely and wise suggestions have made the library a better place to be in and I take this opportunity to extent my gratitude to them and wish them to continue to contribute to the creative growth of Library.

 Permanent Members of Library Committee :


Mr Sebastian T V, SSt Teacher 






Mr Parimal Parmar, English Teacher 






Posted By : Suresh Limbachiya, Librarian

Date: 1-5-2010


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