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Report of the workshop on “From Isolation to Collaboration: Libraries and Librarians in the changed perspective” at KDAV, Jamnagar

Posted by Suresh Limbachiya on 21/08/2010


 Venue: KDAV, Jamnagar                                                              Date: 7-8-2010 

Report of the workshop on  

“From Isolation to Collaboration: Libraries and Librarians in the changed perspective” 

KDAV, Jamnagar, organized a workshop for school librarian on 7th August on the topic “From Isolation to Collaboration: Libraries and Librarians in the changed perspective” I got a chance for participation in the workshop. There was not any resource person for the workshop, but for the participants. The main objective of the workshop was to derive at new strategies to improve the efficiencies of the functioning of school librarians

The first session started on 8.30 a.m. with breakfast and tea in KDAV School library. After that we shifted to the main conference room. First session was inaugurations by KDAV Principal Mr. S. Sundaram. He spoke in his inaugural speech that a librarian of today needs to be a master of all subjects even should be adept at the latest information technology. The information on the internet may not be authentic information but the information in the library is a refined and authentic one. 

After the principal speech the participants introduced themselves to each other. Later, Mr Mohanty, the librarian of KDAV distributed articles to the participants. They were on “From Isolation to Collaboration”, “Libraries and Librarians in the Changed Perspective”. After that he differentiated the difference between need of traditional librarian and need of today librarian. Today our role is very challenging. The contributions that the librarians do to the growth of the institutes might not be visible, but we need to step out in the development of school curriculum, implement better ways to familiarize with the curriculum link with the subjects to ensure active and judicious uses of resources.  

Mr.Kaushik Purohit, the manager of Reliance Learning Centre, Presented a paper on ‘School Librarian Making a Difference’ He viewed on his paper about the new scenario where a librarian is working today. Librarian is the heart of the school. He emphasized that according to the needs of the time librarians should change their roles. 

Mr Purohit asked the participants about their work in their school. The participants responded to this query. Mr. Suresh Limbachiya articulated his functioning in the school like collection of information and retrieval of the same and developing the reading habits among students, staffs and parents. He also told about the conducting of Pyjama story Time, Reading out to PET, Book Club, Book Fair, Book Reading Club, Book Review, DEAR Time etc.  I had not prepared for the presentation but demonstrate then on my blog  And I showed all of our activities through LCD projector and guided them to make a blog of their own. 

Mr. Dibakar Mohanty, Spoke about the role of Librarians in the Changed Outlook. 

Mr. Vinod Harimkari told that the basic essence of a librarian is to keeping updating themelves. 

Mrs. Rita Subramaniam explained about how they conducted classroom library. 

Mr. Bhushan Kumar Tyagi told about how to engage the students in the  library.    

Ms. Jayashree Limbaciya asked a very interesting question how many of us enjoyed this profession and at the end of the day how many of us felt satisfied about our job. 

Mr Purohit guided us how to make virtual library only for school premises. According to her the role of a librarian 

I think our role as librarian is to discriminate use of information and use ethical use of storage materials retrieved. She also added that collaboration of electronic materials and hard copy is must for refined information. 

Mr S. Sundaram sent us a latest article “Dawn of the New Literacy by Rick Allen”  

At the end of the session we visited the KDAV School. 

The workshop made me resolve to introduce the following programme in our school library. 

(1)        Resources management through Virtual library in school net working. 

(2)        Audio Visual Resources Management and Resource Feedback. 

(3)        Display of New Arrival. 

(4)        Separate reading section for Pre primary classes 

The meeting concluded with the promise of contacting each other    through the net and sharing any new information with regard to the working of the library with each other. 

I wish to express my gratitude to the management for allowing me to enrich myself by attending this workshop for school librarians. 

Mr. S. Sundaram, Principal, & Librarians 


Posted By : Suresh Limbachiya, Librarian,  Mundra (Kutch)



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