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DEAR TIME (2010-2011)

Posted by Suresh Limbachiya on 25/11/2010

Drop Everything else And Reading Time

  • The library committee continued the activity DEAR TIME which the committee started  last year.
  • This year all the students of standard V were selected for this activity. As decided earlier, they read books with their family members for one week. The duration of reading the books was from 24 September 2010 to 30 September 2010. Minimum time for reading book was ten minutes.
  • Before 24 September 2010 all the students were issued books of their choice from the library so that they enjoyed reading and developed reading habit.
  • The students were given feedback forms to be filled in by their parents. The forms reflected the timing of their activity and the remarks about their activity.
  •  The parents were happy to see their children’s interest in reading. They felt that the activity of reading allowed them to have fruitful interaction with their children. On the whole it could be said that both parents and children enjoyed reading books and their experience was very enriching.

Suresh Limbachiya



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