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Gulal serial team in Kutch

Posted by Suresh Limbachiya on 21/01/2011

Gujarati culture and tradition has been introduced very beautifully in Gulaal TV serial. It introduces the best effects of Gujarati languages.  Now, Star Plus introduces the best effect of Gujarati colours from Gulaal TV serial.

Best Charector of Gulal Serial :


Mansi Parekh has played the character of Gulaal in Gulaal TV serial. She is a special gift of sensing water beneath the sand in desert. She is a positive girl in her life. Nirja is known as Gulaal also. Mansi Parekh was earlier seen in Laughter Ke Phatke.


Rahil Azam has played the character of Vasant in Gulaal serial. He is very positive in his life. He has good reputation in the village.


Manoj Joshi has played the character of Motabha in Gulaal on Star Plus. He is the head of the village.


Sushant Singh has played the character of Dushyant in Gulaal TV Show. He is cousin of Vasant in this serial.


Pankaj Tripathi has acted as Gigaji in Gulaal Show. Pankaj Tripathi was earlier seen in Powder.

Devika and Revri

Devika and Revri are also leading characters of Gulaal on Star Plus. Gulaal casts are very proper in Gujarati characters.

 Gulaal Story:

Gulaal story revolves around a young girl. She is about 22 years old and very lively. She is very positive in life who hails from a village named Rashipur in Kutch. The girl is considered as the unique gift of finding water in the dry lands of a desert. A neighboring village – Talsagra has been facing a long and harsh drought in Gulaal TV serial. Vasantji from Talsagra comes to know of Gulaal’s gift and takes up in his stride to find Gulaal and end the woes of his village once and for all. Now, she decides, against the will of her entire village to go with him to Talsagrato benefit the village from her gift of finding water. Eventually their love blossoms and they get married in this process. Now, Gulaal becomes the one who ends the animosity of the two arch rival villages and brings colors of happiness to the lives of hundreds of people. She faces many obstacles in her life after this in Gulaal on Star Plus. Story of Gulaal is set in the backdrop of rural Gujarat. Story of the serial introduces the sacrifice of a young girl who has a gift of finding water in the desert


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