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Request some informatio​n regarding School Library Outsourcin​g Model : feedback by Agnelo Marques

Posted by Suresh Limbachiya on 29/09/2011

Dear Mr. Suresh 
My Name is Agnelo Marques from Mumbai. I came across your post about the outsourcing model for Libraries ( I must say that a lot of thought has gone into the idea you are trying to mention. I was more interested in the School Library outsourcing model and some things that struck me were as follows

1. The Survey that you are referring to in your post  
2. 15% of Indian Schools already outsourcing.

My idea about outsourcing is similar to your where the though is that the school Librarian should focus more on their core competencies that the mundane operational activities. That students should benefit form the Librarians services and develop a love for books. I am currently working on a enhanced School Library model and was wondering if you had any statistical/survey data and if it was possible to share with me so that I could include the same in my project report. At a broad level my model is structured around and online library management system where physical books are delivered to school kids (with the operational activities being taken care by the external vendor) and school librarians are involved in facilitating the reading process helping kids enhance their knowledge and increase their love for books.
Thanks and Regards

Agnelo Marques


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