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Revolution 2020 Love, Corruption, Ambition By Chetan Bhagat : Book Review : Adani DAV Public School, Mundra

Posted by Suresh Limbachiya on 19/10/2011

Revolution 2020 Love, Corruption, Ambition


Chetan Bhagat

 With a tagline that reads – Love. Corruption. Ambition, you would assume that Chetan Bhagat  was swayed by the current revolution that has gripped the country. But author of 2 States and Five Point Someone clarifies that his new book, Revolution 2020, is “foremost a love story, in fact a love triangle, as both Gopal and Raghav love the same girl (Aarti). Corruption, particularly in the education sector, is the backdrop of the story.”

Bhagat’s stint as a motivational speaker, which really came about by accident, took him on travels across the country. His interactions with young people from over 50 cities that he visited inspired him to work on a story about them. Thus came about a story about three young people from Varanasi.  Bhagat explores their aspirations and ambitions and how far they’re willing to go to get what they want. But Bhagat promises that, in keeping with his style, the story will appeal to most anyone.

The Much expected CB’s Fifth Novel is out and I put my hands on the Book on 10th Oct 2011.Revolution 2020-Love, Corruption, Ambition. The title is effective and the cover is also well designed. I was Quite Excited and opened the Book and in the end I am not disappointed. As the Book cover tells, this is a triangular love story in the backdrop of corruption. The Whole story is happening in Varanasi.

Gopal, Arti and Raghav, the three were best friends since School days. Arti a Beautiful girl wanted to become airhostess, Raghav wanted to get into IIT and also wanted to make changes in the society, Gopal has no choice because his father is a farmer and he wanted him to do Engineering to solve all his money problems. So both prepared and written the IIE Entrance exam. When the results were out Raghav cracked the exam and entered IIT.Gopal’s Rank didn’t help him to get into IIT and his father wanted him to try again. Meanwhile Gopal loved Arti.Gopal went to Kota for IIT Preparation. The Latter happenings with a little twist will make u Engaging.So what is Revolution 2020? What Gopal has done after his Failure? Whose Girl is Arti? I don’t want reveal such things, better buy a copy and read.

“I think by now my readers know that no matter how serious the issue is, I make my stories light and entertaining. The issues with the education system and the levels of corruption in the country are obviously grave concerns, but as a storyteller I have to balance it with the need to make a gripping, entertaining story,” he says on his website. Readers who’ve been following the author know that he’s not one to preach. “I want the reader to get them upon reading the book, rather than me spelling it out. However, I want to emphasize that when even the education system becomes corrupt, it can have far reaching negative consequences on society. I hope Revolution 2020 provokes some thought in that direction.”

Chetan Chooses Varanasi for this story plot which I quite liked it. Chetan chooses the boat for Gopal- Arti love location which you can see it in the cover.” Kota” the place which I am not known before came to know only form this book. At some times Arti Character is quite confusing, couldn’t able to judge. I liked the first part, Varanasi, Kota, that college happenings etc. There is not much Revolution here, Raghav part is less compare to Gopal. The first 200 pages are quite good and I liked, that doesn’t mean the latter pages are bad. The first 200 -250 are good and the rest are not bad.

After the success of 2 States, two of his books having been made into films and his columns becoming very viral, expectations from Bhagat are climbing upwards every day. But he’s used to it and his test readers of Revolution 2020 have given him encouraging feedback. Next, the author is looking to take a break, “consolidate all the various activities I do, and cut out some stuff as I need more spare time in my life to think.”

Some of my favourite Lines :-

“When people achieve something, they become self-obsessed.”
“Telling your parents you’ve failed at something is harder than the actual failure”
“Easy to advice when you are the topper”
“Engineering is not Everything”

Suresh Limbachiya, Librarian, Adani DAV Public School, Mundra – Kutch    19-10-2011


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  1. farhin said

    nice book

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