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“A Tale of Two Indians” Books By Maharshi Patel (Proud of Gujarat)

Posted by Suresh Limbachiya on 20/10/2011

A Tale of Two Indians By Maharshi Patel

A Tale of Two Indians is the riveting account of one young man’s deep dive into a world of materialism, the self-destruction that ensued, and of the weathered old hand that finally pulled him out of his pit.

In an inspirational narrative story, Maharshi Patel, an adolescent from a wealthy family studying at Duke University experiences the downfall that a life based around transient pleasures brings. In a truly moving account, he is forced to seek the help of his grandfather, someone representing a lifestyle and set of values that is the exact opposite of everything Maharshi had built his life around, and exactly what finally drags him out of the grave he had dug for himself.

The advice and the wisdom that his grandfather gives represent eternal truths that apply to almost everyone. The story may be of one adolescent, but the help it gives and the lessons it teaches apply to us all, and if followed, will undoubtedly improve our lives for the better.

Maharshi Patel is a first generation immigrant currently living in the United States. He was born in India, spent elementary school in England, and has lived in various states in the US before settling in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a proud alumnus of Duke University. It was during a five month journey back to his roots in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) that he gained the inspiration to write the true story you are about to read: about two generations split by more than miles

I think is proud of Gujarat.

Posted By : Suresh Limbachiya


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