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Reading Out to Pet Activity 2011 @ Adani DAV Public School, Mundra – Kutch

Posted by Suresh Limbachiya on 26/11/2011


This activity is designed to allow kids the chance to read to a non-judgmental listener, one who will accept the story exactly as they read it. For many children, this allows them a rare chance to experience stress free reading. Once they are in this situation, children find themselves relaxing and having fun while reading. They come to think of themselves as good readers which help in building their self-esteem and make them eager to read. And they read and read which improves their reading skill. All of these elements work together to increase a child’s motivation to read, which is an essential elements in becoming a successful a reader through “Reading out to Pet”

On 21-11-2011 to 24-11-2011 students of class 1 (All four sections) brought soft toys (Teddy bears, Babies, Lion, etc.) from their homes. The students were led to their various venues like multipurpose hall, school garden, Science Park etc.

There they read their chosen stories to their pet. The students enthusiastically exercised this wonderful habit of reading. They also felt confident and privileged to read to somebody without fear.

Following were the books they chose to read them:-

1. Books written by Dr. Seuss.

2. Read with Barbie’s series by Euro Kids Publications

3. Little workmate series by Lady Bird Publications.

4. Key words with Lady Bird Publications

5. Read it yourself by Vikas Publishing House

This activity was enjoyed by the students. We acknowledge gratefully the support extended by the pre-primary co-ordinator Mrs. Anagha shinde, the class teachers, assistant teachers and the principal Mr. K. J. Jose.

Following table shows the schedule of this activity.

Date Class Section Class Teacher Asst. Teacher Place
21-11-2011 1 Aloeveras Mrs. Muthu Kumari Miss Tessy Wilson Multi-Purpose Hall
22-11-2011 1 Celosias Mrs. Madhavi Kelkar Miss Tessy Wilson Multi-Purpose Hall
23-11-2011 1 Clovers Mrs. Geeta Joshi Miss Tessy Wilson Multi-Purpose Hall
24-11-2011 1 Sweet Peas Mrs. R V Lehri Miss Tessy Wilson Multi-Purpose Hall

Students’ minds were sweetened at the end of this activity with their fovourite toffees which were welcomed heartily by them. Detailed report and photograph of the activity are uploaded on internet. Please click at

Members of Library Committee

Suresh Limbachiya                                                              Seby T. V.                                                                                                Parimal Parmar

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