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Shobha Somnath ki Serial based on book of Acharya Chatursen’s Somnath Mahalaya

Posted by Suresh Limbachiya on 12/12/2011

Reopening a remarkable chapter lost in the by-lanes of Bharuch and passed on as a legend by mothers to their daughters in Gujarat,  ‘Shobha Somnath  Ki’, a historical drama that narrates the awe-inspiring story of India’s unsung girl Shobha who stood tall and strong in the face of a fiery invasion by Mughal emperor Mahmud of Ghazni. No! She didn’t wield the sword, she wasn’t exactly the master of guerrilla warfare …

Born to a mother who succumbs to the pain of delivering her, Shobha is bereft of parental love all through her childhood, particularly from a bitter father who holds her solely responsible for her mother’s death. But the eternally hopeful and bright-eyed Shobha isn’t one to give up easily. The story follows her journey as she learns all about love, life, valour and sacrifice from her closest relatives, the noble King Daddachalukya and his beautiful wife Maharani Gayatri Devi of Bharuch. The beauty of her bond with cousin Chaula as the two girls blossom into strikingly attractive women and the twists and turns of fate that drive Shobha to emerge as a torch-bearing heroine of her time form the crux of this tale. Her shrewd game-plan for saving her beloved homeland from the clutches of Mahmud Ghaznavi will be remembered by generations in the land of the Narmada.

Acharya Chatursen is a celebrated author in Hindi literature. Somnath Mahapaya novel is based on the historical events leading to the destruction of Somnath temple by invading armies. It is a comprehensive and dispassionate record with an interesting narrative. Acharya Chatursen Shastri was born in a small village Chandokh in the Bulandsaher (UP) state on the 26th August, 1891. His father was Punditt Kewal Ram Thakur and mother was Nanhee Devi. His birth name was Chaturbhuj. Chaturbhuj finished his primary education in a school in Sikandarabad. Then he got admitted to Sanskrit College, Jaipur. From here he received the degrees of Ayurvedacharya in Ayurveda and Shastri in Sanskrit in the year 1915. He also received the degree of Ayurvedacharya from Ayurveda Vidyapeetha.


After finishing his education he came to Delhi to start his practice as an ayurvedic physician. He opened his own ayurvedic dispensary in Delhi but it did not run well and he had to close it down. He joined a rich man’s charitable dispensary at the salary of Rupees 25 per month. Later in 1917, he joined DAV college, Lahore (now in Pakistan) as senior professor of Ayurveda. The management at the DAV college, Lahore was insulting to him, therefore, he resigned and went to Ajmer to help his father-in-law in his dispensary. Working at this dispensary, he started to write and soon became famous as a story writer and novelist. His first novel Hridaya-Ki-Parakh  was published in 1918. It did not bring him any recognition. His second book, SAtyagraha Aur Asahyoga was published in 1921. Contrary to the title, this book collided with the ideas of Gandhi who was a prominent political figure in India in those days. This brought immense attention to Acharya Chatursen Shastri. These were followed by many historical novels, stories and ayurvedic books.


Acharya Chatursen Shastri took his last breath on the 2nd February, 1960.



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