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GODAN By Premchand (Hindi eBook)

Posted by Suresh Limbachiya on 14/12/2011

Godan 01.pdf

Godan 02.pdf

Godan 03.pdf

Godan 04.pdf

Godan 05.pdf

Godan 06.pdf

Godan 07.pdf

Godan 08.pdf

Godan 09.pdf

Godan 10.pdf

Godan 11.pdf

Godan 12.pdf

Godan 13.pdf

Godan 14.pdf

Godan 15.pdf

Godan 16.pdf

Godan 17.pdf

Godan 18.pdf

Godan 19.pdf

Godan 20.pdf

Godan 21.pdf

Godan 22.pdf

Godan 23.pdf

Godan 24.pdf

Godan 25.pdf

Godan 26.pdf

Godan 27.pdf

Godan 28.pdf

Godan 29.pdf

Godan 30.pdf

Godan 31.pdf

Godan 32.pdf

Godan 33.pdf

Godan 34.pdf

Godan 35.pdf

Godan 36.pdf


15 Responses to “GODAN By Premchand (Hindi eBook)”


    thanks of this effort

  2. devanshu said


  3. Shoyeb Ali Khan said

    suresh ji you are doing a great job…….very well done…..!

  4. krishna keshav said

    I am happy …..thanks a lot Mr.Suresh

  5. alok yadav. said

    Thanks sir.I could get it very easyly to spend a little money.

  6. Manish Premdhari Saw said

    ham bahut khush h aapk is kaam ko le kar

  7. priti said

    Thanks alot suresh ji….

  8. Anurag singh said

    I m satisfied

  9. Dushyant Sharma said

    Thanx sir

  10. ajit singh said

    thanks for this great job

  11. Bhupendra said

    Thanks a lot for this great Job.

  12. प्रेम ओर आभार…बहुत खुशी हुई…..गोदान मेरा बचपन की याद है जब में 14 साल का था तब स्‍कूल की लाईब्रेरी से लाकर पढ़ा था…..अब दोबार इस में डूबना चाहूंग

  13. vijay singh chouhan said

    very nice effort. thank you so much.

  14. Nabin kumar biswal said

    Helped me a lot in my project.thanxxxxxxxxxxx……

  15. vivek kumar singh said

    thankx a lot

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