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REPORT : Evening Story Time @ Adani DAV Public School, Mundra on 24-2-2012

Posted by Suresh Limbachiya on 29/02/2012




One of the most amazing ways to communicate ideas is through a story. Stories that were told from the resourceful lips of grandmothers enriched the minds of children to be useful contributors to the society in which they lived.

Books are our best friend. Books are our source to converse with the great minds. Books help in the development of language. It is books that teach us to refine our pleasures when young and to recall them with satisfaction, when we are old. Reading always helps us organize our thoughts. In today’s fast life we have lost touch with the wonderful worlds of books. (Thanks to the onslaught of T.V. and Computers)

Books also had their roles in refining character and remolding the goals of ever progressive human beings in their unending journey as they traverse though the sands of time.

The school is proud of its rich and varied reading habits. The tradition which is rich needs to be enriched further. To promote reading habits that will enliven and enlighten everyone, the school organizes Evening Story Time.

Evening Story Time was held in Adani DAV Public School on 24-2-2012 between 6 p.m to 7.15 p.m. It was a successful event.


To inculcate the habit of reading books among children and to revive the rich tradition of story telling at home.


The parents along with their children came to school in the evening wearing casual dresses. The programme was from 6.00 pm to 7 pm in the school premises. Books read out to students by some enthusiastic teachers. The children relished this food to the ears with hot chocolate. Parents were encouraged to continue this wonderful transmission of knowledge at their home. The school will follow up this spark ignited in the young minds by issuing quality books and discussing about them with children.

Class: 5th

The reasons class 5th was chosen:

  • This was the right age to begin the habit of reading. The parents can read stories to the children and the children themselves can read stories every night.
  • Availability of books in the library – the library at present can cater to the needs of the students from the above standards.
  • The class V has a lesson in their Social Science text book encouraging them to read stories..

 Teachers Responsible for Organizing the Event

  1. Suresh Limbachiya            Librarian
  2. Seby T.                                         Teacher
  3. Parimal Parmar                     Teacher                


  • Different committees of teachers were formed. Each committee was given a responsibility.
  • Light at four different sports were organized. All the locations were separate from one another yet easily reached by the students.
  • Hot chocolate is served to children after the story reading session.
  • 6 story readers were kept ready. They all had books with them with well selected stories which they were to read during the sessions. 
  • The groups sat on durries. The readers were free to use a chair if needed.

Time table:-

  • A proper time table was prepared for all the teachers’ readers.
  • The readers were changed after every 30 minutes.

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