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Again we are in The Times of India (18-8-2012 , Page No: 11, Saurashtra Kutch Plus edition) Report regarding Scholastic Books Fair At Adani DAV Public School .

Posted by Suresh Limbachiya on 18/08/2012

Adani DAV Public School, Mundra- Kutch

Book Fair 2012

The Scholastic Book Fair was organized on 13-8-2012 to 15-8-2012 by Scholastic Publication in multi-purpose hall. They provide exciting opportunities for students, teachers and parents to acquaint themselves with some of the latest books. In book fair books were displayed according to age group and genre. Other than books the publication is also sold stationary and posters.

The colorfully decorated fair had a host of fun activities like a lucky draw, crafts and quizzing activities. The racks, activities and posters were related to the theme to make the students’ experience fun and memorable.

The book fair had about 1000 titles. On purchase of any book 15 % discount was offered to the students and the teachers. They carried the best books from every genre, so that the children would always be happy with the book they chose.

During the book fair, there was a special browsing sessions where the students could spend as much time looking at the books before choosing to select one.

School library got incentive books worth Rs.9000 from scholastics publications.

Suresh Limbachiya



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