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SOCIAL REACH OUT OF AN SCHOOL By Adani DAV Public School, Mundra-Kutch

Posted by Suresh Limbachiya on 16/01/2013

IMG_6377The students of class X of Adani DAV Public School, Mundra ,had a novel project this year. Inspired by their Social Science teacher,Mr. Sebastian  T.V., the students raised Rs 22000/-which otherwise would have been spend bursting crackers at Diwali. The money was used to buy blankets. These blankets were distributed to the destitute and the poor construction workers. In the biting cold these blankets certainly provided warmth and comforts to two hundreds poor persons who did not even had a proper shed above their heads.

To generate the fund they created a play which was performed for the school promoting the message of playing Diwali safely and calling to celebrate festivals more meaningfully.

The projects achieved many objectives. The students were motivated to save money. The concept of judicious use of the resource of money was another lesion. This also saved them from being polluters of the environment. This gave birth to a vigorous idea that how they as students can be environmental protectors and implant in them a flame of alleviating the poverty in the way they could.This also doubled their joy of celebrating festivals.

The experience they learned while distributing the blankets in the freezing cold in the month of January has prompted them to carry out this noble act in a large scale in the next year.

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