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Complete works of Swami Vivekananda : Vol 1 to 7 in pdf : eBooks of Swami Vivekananda

Posted by Suresh Limbachiya on 19/02/2013








Dear Reader,

Please downloads eBooks .Must be read and enjoy a lot with gain of knowledge.


7 Responses to “Complete works of Swami Vivekananda : Vol 1 to 7 in pdf : eBooks of Swami Vivekananda”

  1. Anshu said

    Thank you for the free fownload. Can i deposit some money to the website as i could fet free download. I had bought these volumes before 4 years online for rs. 250.

  2. Manjunath KN said

    Swami. Vivekanand is a great (……..) I don’t have adjective…for. He can Reblossom your core or will or soul.That sort of Greatbeing sir was.In this age of IT Skyscrapping……His Name itself is an brightspot to strengthen you…to swimout of pressures and sufferings.Heart refilled with essence to restructure you………SVA……

  3. Swami Kamlanand Srswati said

    A great effort towards good reading

  4. Swami Kamlanand Srswati said

    A great efford towards good reading

  5. Rakesh said

    It’s a great work by u . We do it by just a click on ur page.
    Very much user friendly

  6. Nafeesurrehman said

    Good work

  7. Nafeesurrehman said


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