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Respected Sir,

I, Srinivas Gowda R, from Bangalore requests you to guide me to pursue my goal of cracking UPSC (IAS) examination. I came across your blog and i hereby request you to mail me any important notes or ebooks which is necessary for civil service exam preparation.
Thanking You
srinivas gowda r <>


Dear  Suresh Limbachiya 

       It   is  nice,  You   can   upload    the    Granthalok   issue    on    your personal   site.   You may   acknowledge.

        With   best   wishes.

P   C   Shah,  

President ,

Gujarat  Granthalaya Seva Sangh

Ahmedabad (Gujarat)


Dear Mr. Suresh

My Name is Agnelo Marques from Mumbai. I came across your post about the outsourcing model for Libraries ( I must say that a lot of thought has gone into the idea you are trying to mention. I was more interested in the School Library outsourcing model and some things that struck me were as follows
1. The Survey that you are referring to in your post
2. 15% of Indian Schools already outsourcing.

My idea about outsourcing is similar to your where the though is that the school Librarian should focus more on their core competencies that the mundane operational activities. That students should benefit form the Librarians services and develop a love for books. I am currently working on a enhanced School Library model and was wondering if you had any statistical/survey data and if it was possible to share with me so that I could include the same in my project report. At a broad level my model is structured around and online library management system where physical books are delivered to school kids (with the operational activities being taken care by the external vendor) and school librarians are involved in facilitating the reading process helping kids enhance their knowledge and increase their love for books.

Thanks and Regards
Agnelo Marques


Dear Sureshbhai,

Thank you very much for sharing the workshop material.

I have gone through all sections of your blog and I am quite impressed with what you have presented over there. Fantastic efforts !! I have hardly seen the library professional like you who really cares for his library & pesons around.

Do keep in touch.

Keep it up & all the best,

Best regards,

Kaushik  S. Purohit

Technical Library | Learning Centre | Reliance Industries Limited

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Hello Mr.Suresh,

The Workshop photographa were wonderful.Thank you.Your blog too is very interesting. Well I generally surf the net for worksheets related to the primary levels especially related  to english reading and grammar and E.V.S. If you find one concerning these please do inform.Thank You. GoodNight.

Sushmita Mitra
NandVidya Niketan,


Dear Suresh Bhai

I read your article  with school photo , the information that is provided on this is extremely beneficial and helpful to  all school children , I appreciate for wonderful blog.

With regards.

H. B. kanani
Electrical Dept.
P M C, 5 A2 ,PUB Building
Adani port
Mundra – Kutch

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Hello Mr.Suresh,

Your articles about school libraries and services are very informative and useful.  My name is Shubha.  I started a Children’s library and experience center along with my friend Padma here in Hyderabad.  Our goal is to “inspiring children to read”.  We are also looking into offering library services for schools this year.  That’s when I came across your article on outsourcing library services and all other articles about school libraries.  Thanks alot for these articles.  They are very helpful. 


Shubha Simhadri,  Hyderabad


Dear Mr. Suresh,

I read your article on outsourcing and it is a good article. sir i am preparing research paper on the same topic in LIS i wanna do one request to you if you have some references regarding this topic please let me inform i shall be very thankful to you.

with regards

Namita Yadav,   Noida



Hi Mr Suresh , 

I am a co-founder at Tender Leaves Books Pvt. Ltd. – we are a book rental service and have both online and offline offerings. We are a start-up and have just begun our services. I went through your blog and found it very interesting and informative. 

I’m a marketer and strongly believe in co-creating with the customers. After seeing your blog, I thought you will the best person to comment on my what we want to offer for schools. If you don’t mind answering them, I had a few questions for you – I’m trying to work with schools to come up with an offering for schools where schools can get access to more and different titles every month in a cost-effective way so that it works to their advantage as well as the children’s. 

Just to give you an idea of our offerings – we have an offering called Kiddie Bonzer for pre-schools.  I wanted to understand from you what can we offer which will address the needs of private schools in India?

 It will be great if you can help us out. We’s really appreciate it.


Harish Kumar Bhamidipati